Apps That Save the Day

There are fun apps, apps that track your cat, your kids, your life, and your favorite sports addiction. But, these are the apps that we feel save the day. Those apps that help us transition from one phone to the other or even better, save us from those unfortunate times when our phones give up the ghost. With that in mind, we give you TWCG’s list of apps that save the day.

  1. Google Photos. Google Photos app gives unlimited standard definition storage to every phone — Android and Apple — and Google gives its own Pixel users get unlimited high definition storage (though you probably can’t tell the difference in standard and high def on your phone). Just download it and make it the main storage location for photos and you’ll never have to worry about losing them again. Get a new phone? Install the app and there they all are. Need to print or store them locally? Sign into your account on your PC and download a copy. A much better alternative than continuing to up your iCloud storage plan paying someone to store them in the cloud for you. The trade off is you might have to start in the app to send pics via email or text as the stock apps are generally mapped to the shortcuts. A small price to pay.
  2. SMS Backup & Restore. Use this app to set a daily schedule to back up your text messages and even call history, if you want. Set it to upload a copy to Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc. and whenever you need to restore past messages, you just install the app and restore the last backup from your storage location of choice. We recommend setting the backup to run during a time when you would normally have your phone awake vs. overnight — although new phones and versions of the app can temporarily disable sleep mode, it works best if the phone isn’t in sleep mode. Set your backup to only upload on WiFi to save your data. Be warned, though, you should still be in the habit of deleting old threads that you haven’t used in 6 months or more or you will end up with a monstrous backup file with over 30k messages.
  3. Android Messages. Although this one doesn’t really help transition, it is a lot better Message app than anything installed by stock on most phones, especially Samsung’s Messages app. With a quick QR bar code scan, you can use the app on your PC to send/receive, and sync all your messages.
  4. Outlook Mobile. Granted all phones come with a stock email app that the phone manufacturer suggests for you. But we like Outlook Mobile. With more companies moving to Exchange Online or Office 365 platforms, the app built by Microsoft themselves seems to handle these accounts better than the stock apps. And we haven’t found an app that handles multiple Exchange accounts better than Outlook — with up to 5 email accounts in one app without an issue.

We will update this list as more apps are discovered.

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