iPhone Upgrades are here! And the masses rejoice!

OK, so maybe at $1,000+ not all the masses rejoice, but the masses of teenage girls located in this house who know they are eligible to upgrade certainly are.  The price tags are probably our only complaint right now.  The Xs 64 GB starts at $999.99 retail and move up to a whopping $1,449.99 for the Xs Max 512 GB.

Other than that, these are gorgeous phones to hold in your hand.  The materials on the body are all premium, meshing glass with a stainless steel frame and an edge to edge OLED display.  The display is probably the first thing that jumps out at me when I powered them up for the first time.  Yes, the “s” versions are generally small improvements over the original model released last year, but Apple certainly went all in with the Xs this year.  They do mirror the overall design of the X (and from a price standpoint, with a price drop on the X, that is probably still the better value for most users), but there are some minor improvements.  First, the wireless charging is a touch faster and the Face ID also seems a little bit quicker to recognize and unlock the phones.  Face ID works the best in the iPhone over anything Samsung or anyone else has tried to duplicate.  I get way fewer fails, glasses on or off, than with other models.

The second feature that we went right to test is the camera.  And this camera does not disappoint.  Dual 12 MP cameras on the back with an image stabilization that helps when your holding the phone to make sure the shot is perfect.  And then the iOS 12 software kicks in and takes a bunch of smaller shots to merge them into the perfect shot.  Whether a selfie, a portrait, or a nature shot, everything the camera shoots looks amazing.

The Xs is really just an improvement on the X, which we’ve already posted about.  So, we’d like to spend the time looking at the Xs Max, which is the defacto replacement for the Plus model.  The physical size is actually smaller than the 8 Plus, but it is slightly heavier.  But with the edge to edge tech, we get a 6.5″ screen, which is massive, yet the phone in hand doesn’t feel massive.  It is an impressive combination Apple has come up with.

Is it a perfect phone?  No, but for all those Apple juice drinkers, it certainly is.  We don’t love the price point, we would prefer to see USB C charging over the lightning charger and fast charging that is found on all the top of the line Androids.  And, for a trillion dollar company, they couldn’t throw in a headphone adapter for us?

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